Camillus Health Concern: Cancer Awareness Month

Keep your Cervix Healthy!

Cervical Cancer is one of the few cancers that is prevented by routine screening.  During Cancer Awareness month, Camillus Health Concern is running a cervical cancer screening program from October 12th through November 20th, 2020.  It’s our goal to complete at least 200 screenings in a seven-week period.  Here’s a bit more information:

Who Should Sign Up for a Screening?

Everyone who has a cervix is at risk for cervical cancer.  If you are between the ages of 21 to 64 and have not had a Pap test or HPV test within the last 3-5 years, then you should consider a screening.

Why is this so important?

The American Cancer Society estimates that in 2020, about 12,800 new cases of invasive cervical cancer will be diagnosed and about 4,290 women will die from cervical cancer.  And in the United States, Hispanic women are most likely to get cervical cancer, followed by African-Americans, American Indians and Alaskan natives, and whites. Asians and Pacific Islanders have the lowest risk of cervical cancer in this country.

Remember, cervical cancer is preventable.  If cancerous cells are found early in the cervix (by a pap smear), the cervix can be treated early before the cancer cells start spreading and becoming a bigger concern.

How much will it Cost?

We aim to make healthcare affordable regardless of income.  Please see our 2020 Sliding Fee Policy for more details.

Payment is based on your ability to pay.  No one is denied services if unable to pay #universalhealthcare.  We accept Medicaid and Medicare and participate in some Medicaid HMO plans.

Are you Accepting New Patients?

Absolutely and welcome!  If you aren’t a current patient, we will offer a pap smear as part of your recommended new patient health screenings.  We will review the results with you and coordinate any additional care if needed.

How do I make an Appointment?

To make an appointment at our clinic, please call 302-577-4840.