Lissette Albino

Medical Assistant

Congratulations to Lissette Albino, a medical assistant working in our 5th Street Clinic!

Lissette has been with Camillus Health Concern since 2014. Born and raised in New York, she relocated to South Miami attending college and starting her career in the medical field.

She is married with three children, and believe this is not— much too young—to have two grandchildren.

She loves to dance, being with people, and helping to blur the line between “normal” and “homeless”. In her eyes, everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.

I asked what she would do if she won the lottery — take her family on a vacation, and then open a small space where she could pamper all our clients just like a spa! This, and her ever-present smile, allowed her co-workers to garner her with the honor of being the Hospitality Recipient July 2018.

Thank you for living Hospitality to everyone you touch—our clients, co-workers, visitors, your family—and especially to you!!!!

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